Late Night Snack Chapter Three, Aftermath: Steve

The once frozen Captain Steve Rogers aka Captain America felt antsy sitting up in his room, and had decided to traipse downstairs and go to the gym, something that had become a sort of ritual when he couldn't sleep. He set the treadmill as high as it would go as sprinted for the better part of an hour before he finally managed to break a sweat, and after that he managed to pummel (not to mention break) a few more punching bags before he retired to the kitchen to scrounge up something to eat. It was very early, he noticed as he gave his watch a glance, or very late, depending on how you saw it. No one would be up at 2:31 in the morning. He fiddled around with the sleek machine Tony had called a coffee maker, but Steve had never seen a thing like it before he moved to Stark Tower at the billionaire's request.

Something about having everyone in one place seemed to calm the dark haired man, and the same had been true about his father Howard, whom the Captain mourned silently every time he gazed at his egotistical son. Sometimes, he would forget himself, and reach out to touch Tony's arm with Howard's name on his lips. But when the younger man turned (Steve always thought of everyone as younger than he, for he was seventy years older than all of them), he would remember and the right name would come forth. He was still very confused by this new world he had been thrust unceremoniously into, and he longed for the life he had left behind.

A man out of time. Forever.

He had to say, though, that he liked most of the new things he had been introduced to, though. After what happened with Loki, Tony had taken them to get shwarma, and he had to say it was pretty amazing, even though everyone had been hanging on the fringes of exhaustion and beaten to shreds.. Then, a few days later, Steve had let it slip that he didn't know what McDonalds was, and the genius just couldn't stand that so he had bought a good two hundred dollars worth of burgers, fries, and apple pies, demanding that everyone partake in this heart attack feast. And good God, it was delicious. Thor, Clint, and himself had managed to eat all but ten of the burgers by themselves, much to the disgust of Natasha. Tony had just pouted a little, and cracked more than a few jokes at the trio's expense.

"You know, you're supposed to swallow every once in a while, guys. And it looks like you're unhinging your jaw a little too much there, Hawky. We should really start calling you Snake-eye instead." he jested, narrowly dodging the golden and burning hot fries the archer had tossed at his head.

Steve's mouth watered a little at the thought of the fast food joint and wondered if it was open. He decided he needed to see and gave up on trying to work the complicated thing Stark swore up and down made coffee, but the blonde haired man still wasn't convinced. The soldier slipped his brown leather jacket on and headed to the elevator, motorcycle keys in hand, a soon to be depleted wallet in his pocket.

The Captain ended up driving around the city for a couple hours before finally stumbling upon the golden arches, something he was sure would horrify Stark. He entered, ordered fifty bucks worth of breakfast food and a cup of coffee, much to the horror of the cashier, before he took his artery clogging meal to a booth in the back where he could watch everyone who was currently in the establishment (one other than him, if you didn't count the workers), and everyone who was coming and going (zero since he arrived). He took his time, relishing the taste of hot food, but he still was pining for a home cooked meal. Maybe he could ask Pepper if she would cook, but he doubted he would ever get up the courage to impose like that, after all, she was probably busy, what with repairing Stark Tower still, and just dealing with Tony's day to day shenanigans plus she was still managing most of Stark's business interactions. She was certainly incredible, and a saint for dealing with the entire assembled team...especially Tony.

A few weeks ago, Ms. Potts had given him a cell phone, and he pulled it out and fiddled with it a little, still not used to the new technology, and the lack of buttons. "It's a touch screen." she had told him, and showed him how to call people with it and introduced him to texting and emailing, the former something he only barely managed. He looked through his messages as he chewed, finding unsurprisingly there were none. The sun had risen and he had ingested four more cups of McDonalds coffee before he finally headed back to the looming Tower, and when he exited the elevator, he was greeted by JARVIS.

"Hello, Captain Rogers. It is advisable not to talk to Mr. Stark this morning." Steve continued towards his room and tossed his leather jacket on his military neat bed.

"Why is that?" he asked, more than a little worried.

"Because of a certain video that just went viral, sir."

"Viral video?"

"Yes, sir I was instructed to show it to everyone when they awoke this morning. You left the Tower before I was able to." the computer informed him coolly. Steve still felt a little ridiculous talking to the voice because it was like talking to yourself, basically. But he continued.

"Would you show it to me, please?" the Captain asked.

"Unfortunately yes, I will."


Tony sat at the massive kitchen table, still trying to get rid of his murderous hangover with some OJ and Excedrin, and he heard someone walk in. Steve stood there, regarding him with a strangely blank expression.

"You're up early, aren't you?" the blonde asked as he grabbed a can of Coke from the overstocked fridge and sat across from him. Tony raised his eyebrows and took a sip of juice.

"Yeah, it was a late night for me."

"I know." The dark haired man stiffened as the Captain opened his drink and took a long pull from it. Blue eyes met dark brown eyes in a long, tension filled stare. "You need to work out more." Steve said before getting up and starting to leave the room. Tony blinked in surprise.

"Wha...?" It suddenly hit him. "Hey! Hey, I look damn good, Popsicle Man! You wish you looked half as good as I do!"

"Actually," the soldier remarked as he exited. "I think that applies more to me than you."

"Oh yeah? Well...well this shit is all natural. I GOT ALL NATURAL MUSCLEY BULK !" he raged, his hangover forgotten.

"No you don't!" sang a distant, smug voice that only could've belonged to Hawkeye.

"I didn't ask you, bird boy! I will take your ass down!"

"Just me and you? Are you gonna give me a double boom, dancer man? We'll have to do it in Banner's room, I guess, but you'll have to close the door this time."

Tony knew he was never, ever, ever...EVER gonna live this shit down.

This is my incentive to stop drinking...and to work out more.

Late Night Snack Chapter Two, Aftermath: Clint and Natasha
Here is a sequel to the previous post. There is also a Captain America reaction and a Thor reaction coming up, plus a bonus chapter. :]

Clint didn't have that grey area between sleep and waking, so when he opened his eyes in the pitch black darkness of his room, he was clear of mind and could've taken on anything. His body clock told him it was close to daybreak, and he knew there wasn't a way for him to slip back into that realm of unconsciousness again. He didn't even really know if he wanted to sleep sometimes, especially after what had occurred a few months earlier with Thor's "brother", and had stayed up for days after Loki had been dealt with. He had finally slipped back into a somewhat normal schedule, if you could even dare to call living with a smart ass man in a robot suit, a scientist who was barely containing the literal rage monster just beneath the surface, a thawed out all American super soldier, an ex-Russian agent who had looks that just might kill (and did), and the giant, supposedly mythological Asgardian normal.

To him, it just sounded like some crappy kind of sitcom. The archer sat up in bed and ran a hand through his short hair, breathing a soft sigh at the idea of getting up. He promised himself a few hours of quiet target practice, a hot shower afterwards, and a cup of coffee, and started to escape the clutches of his insanely comfortable bed.

"Agent Barton, sir." Clint reached for the nearest thing he could use as a weapon before he realized the voice belonged to JARVIS, Stark's disembodied robot...what? Butler? He didn't know, but it always spoke when he least expected it to, and it always scared the hell out of him.

"God, what do you want?" he snapped, dropping the steel toed boot he had grabbed onto.

"My name is JARVIS, sir, and I am not a religious deity." the computer replied coolly.

Great. The fucking voice even acted like Stark.

"And I have a video I am to show everyone in the tower when they awaken."

"If it's from Tony, I don't care, JARVIS. I'm going to go to the range." The agent turned the dimmer switch up so the room was engulfed in light, and started dressing in a white t-shirt and a pair of faded old jeans that had somehow managed to survive Budapest without getting destroyed. He shouldered his bow and the quiver of arrows before starting to punch in the code to open his door, looking forward to some really good practice time.

"It's from Dr. Banner, sir. He also has a message for you." The wall opened to reveal the slim T.V. screen Tony had insisted be put into every damn room, and it flickered into life, revealing a picture of a smiling Bruce. Clint was a little taken aback. He was so used to seeing the awkward man with the dark cloud of perpetual doom hanging over his head that he started to worry a little when he saw the scientist beaming like that.

Clint. You have to watch this. You're not going to believe it unless you do. -B.

"Know what JARVIS? Go ahead and let it play." the agent said, a little curious as to what was making the good Doc so freakin' happy this early in the morning.

"Are you sure that is a wise decision, Agent Barton?" questioned the slightly pissy robot.

"Yeah, whatever, just do it."


What was...?

Oh God.

Is that...?

Oh Christ.

"Yayah...I'm the goddamn IRON MAN! Wayne's got nuthin' on this billionaire ass!"


She woke to the vibration of her phone, and knew who it was instantly. Sometimes when he couldn't get himself to let go of his mind and sleep, he would dial her number and she would spar with him or they would just climb to the highest possible place in this tower and just sit and communicate without ever speaking a word.


"Tash." The archer sounded breathless and excited, something that made her leave the comforts of her black silky sheets.

"Oh God, Tash, you need to fucking see this. I'm going to make Banner breakfast for fucking months."

Natasha had a feeling that she was going to regret this but agreed to meet Clint in a few minutes and clicked the red call end button before slipping into a pair of jeans and a tank top and leaving her room for her fellow agent's.

What could have been so important?


Five minutes later, Natasha had uploaded the video to YouTube.

It had over a million hits in a little less than an hour.

Oh My Fucking Good GAWD
girl4edwards04....I blame this on you.
I was listening to Boom Boom Boom Boom, by the Vengaboys after reading your little meme thingy whatever, and I couldn't get a certain...image out of my head. This is your fault. <3

Dr. Bruce Banner was tired as hell. His eyes were grainy from hours of staring at the tiny chemical sequences that raced across the three computer screens in front of him, and he was pretty sure he hadn't eaten for at least twenty-four hours. He took off his glasses and rubbed the two red spots on either side of his nose before pushing a hand through his short dark hair that was slowly making the change to grey at his temples. He decided he could take a break, a short one, mind you, he still had copious amounts of work to do before the night ended. He glanced at his watch, marking the time as a little after three in the morning. Everyone in Stark Tower should be asleep then, which was good for him, because he was too deep in his thoughts that he wouldn't have made good company or conversation at all.

He headed towards the kitchen, his mind set on making a sandwich and some tea to take back to the lab with him so he wouldn't have to spend too much time away from his research. Banner still had a little bit of difficulty maneuvering around the elaborate tower (which was still partially under construction from Loki's attack a few months earlier), and avoided bits of metal, various tools, and plastic sheeting without much trouble or noise. Tony had insisted that the rest of the team (which had now officially taken on the Avengers name) stay in the tower as well, but they had refused until he had persuaded them with various things; an archery range for Agent Barton, a bunch of bright and shiny new labs for Dr. Banner, and he didn't know what everyone else had been given because he was content with his own...well, gift if you could call it that. (Banner called it bribery.)

Banner had still been a little leery about staying in the still recovering building, and said as much to his fellow scientist friend. "If the Other Guy gets out, there won't be anything left of this place to salvage." Tony had just smirked and told him they'd talk about it later. Later turned out to be at four a.m. The billionaire had dragged his friend out of the comforts of his bed, and showed him something he had constructed just for the Other Guy.

It was a huge, spacious room with a beautiful forest scene covering one wall, a snowy mountain range that resembled the Himalayas on the second, on another was a serene river scene that reminded Banner of creeks he would play in as a child, and on the last wall resided a swirl of soothing pale colors in oranges, yellow, greens, and purples. "Completely soundproof, indestructible walls, speakers in the walls that play happy, non angry music, and JARVIS is programmed to not let you out until you, you know, aren't the Jolly Green Giant anymore." Tony explained, and that had sealed the deal for Banner. Obviously he was wanted here, and staying here meant that he would have access to technology than he wouldn't in Calcutta anyway.

Really, the choice was made for him.

Sandwich and tea in hand, Dr. Banner started on his way back to the lab, traveling slowly and cautiously with the hot beverage in his hands, his mind already running over the chemical formulas again. He heard a faint sound come from down the hall, and Banner simply deduced that it must be one of his teammates sleeping fitfully, but he heard multiple voices arise as well. He reluctantly set down his snack and tread quietly towards the sounds, slowly realizing that the sounds were coming from his "Happy Room" as the playboy called it. He slowly opened the door just a crack (JARVIS made no comment for once), and Dr. Banner was truly and utterly horrified by what he saw in front of him.

It was Tony.


With a couple bottles of scotch near him (most of them empty).


Almost completely naked, save for a pair of red silk boxer briefs with his suit's cartoon image printed all over them.

And he was dancing.

Loud music poured from the speakers, and as the good doctor listened to the lyrics, he felt a hot blush of embarrassment creep up his neck and leech into his face, turning him bright scarlet.

Boom boom boom boom

I want you in my room

Let's spend the night together

From now until forever

Boom boom boom boom

I want a double boom

Let's spend the night together

Together in my room

Dr. Bruce Banner knew instantly what he had to do. He reached into the pocket of his tan, rumpled khakis and pulled out a simple, touch screen, cellular phone. He searched through the applications until he found the one he wanted, and held it up to the crack in the door.

The camcorder caught the entire thing, including Tony's high pitched, horribly off key singing, him shaking his ass to an imaginary crowd of people that he jeered at, proclaiming himself to be "The goddamn Iron Man", and, of course, the bright red of his boxers.

The doctor slid the door shut just as quietly as it had opened, saved the video, and returned the phone to his pocket before retrieving his drink (which had cooled long ago) and his sandwich, a devious smile on his face. As he returned to the lab, he pushed all of the research aside.

He had real work to do.


Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist, rolled over in his bed, his brain pounding with the effects of a wickedly bad hangover. He groaned loudly, and asked JARVIS what time it was.

"Eleven thirty-two, sir. And I have a video I am supposed to play when each member of the Avengers awakens." JARVIS stated, cool and aloof as ever. Tony sat up, curious.

"Go ahead JARVIS, play it."

"...Are you sure, sir?"

"Yeah, just play the damn video!"

"Boom boom boom boom

I want you in my room"

The night came flooding back to him as he watched, horrified.

"Oh FUCK!"


I'm dying of boredom. My options at this point are to:

1. Strip down naked, paint the Captain America star on my rather generous boobs, and run through the streets screeching the old Captain America theme song.

2. Watch the entire first season of Batman: The Animated Series.

3. Finish watching the first season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

4. Dance.

5. Actually stop being a lazy slattern and type my Avengers story.

6. Stop being a even bigger lazy strumpet and finish all the other goddamn stories I need to type.

7. Finish playing Arkham City or Arkham Asylum for the eighty thousandeth time.


I'll go with 7. for now, but hey, here's some of my Avengers story to thrill the crowd.
FYI: The character is a female named Michael Chevalier (Michael is pronounced like the guy name), and she is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that got dragged into the mess with Loki, and she really, really hates it. She was born with wings (think angel wings), and takes on the superhero alter ego of Michael the Archangel, she made the flaming sword and everything.

Anyway, here you go. It's taken from the part of Avengers when Loki is in the cage.


The door opened smoothly before me, completely silent. I walked forward, my black socks causing no sound, no intruding noise. Before me lay was what had become Loki's cage, and the man himself walked back and forth across the white, sterile room. God, there was something just…disgusting about the level of cleanliness in that little room. I stood there watching the god deep in thought, and I really wished I could read minds, or at least know what he was thinking for two seconds. He stopped, his back slightly angled towards me, and then he looked over his shoulder, a smirk on his face. His eyes were alight, like flickering blue gas flames had settled into his sockets.

"You are the second person to sneak up on me today. First Agent Romanoff, and then…you." His hands were clasped slightly in front of him, and he didn't fidget or shift like someone like Stark would. He seemed…completely in control.

"That happens to be the advantage of wearing no shoes around this confined metal hell." I replied, holding up the pair of tan boots I carried in my hand. We both watched each other for a few moments, our eyes locked together, and then he raised his eyebrow slightly.

"So, what do I owe the pleasure of your company to?" he asked, his voice pleasing and melodic.

"I think you know why I came here." I said, crossing my arms. "I want to know-" All was encompassed in darkness with the sound of sockets sparking, and I stopped short, frowning. I let my wings unfurl through the cuts in the back of my shirt as I listened for the voices of my fellow crew mates. A soft, lilting laugh came from the emptiness in front of me, and the red emergency lights came on, illuminating the form of Loki, standing in front of me.

Out of his cage.

He slammed me backwards before I could react, and my boots went flying out of my hand, two dull thumps informing me that they had landed far away. Loki held me against the wall, his cool hand wrapped around my neck while the other pinned my wing painfully against the wall. I struggled, and he gripped my throat tighter, cutting off my air. I coughed and clawed at his hand, but the fingers pinning my wing grabbed a fistful of feathers and bent backwards. I gritted my teeth and tried to choke air in while I met my captor's sharp eyes, alarm bells going off in my head all the while. The red lights turned Loki into a shadowed figure, his profile defined sharply as he smiled and bared his teeth.

"How does it feel to be the captive, winged creature?" His face was inches away from mine, but I was finding it harder and harder to see his face as oxygen deprivation threatened to overcome me. I grabbed hold of his arm, weakly scrabbling at the fabric, a silent plea for him to release me, to let me breathe...

The god deigned to loosen his hold slightly and the black curtains cleared while I gasped in sweet, sweet oxygen. I felt his breath against my face as he whispered, "I wonder if you are as invulnerable as you try to be." I closed my eyes, fear making my heart beat so hard it shook me. Then, to my utter surprise, I felt his numbing saccharine lips on my own. He slowly, softly claimed my mouth with his skilled and poisonous tongue, and for some Godforsaken reason...I started to gladly respond. I felt a tremor go through him, as if he was enjoying it instead of using it as a torture. His fingers stroked my jawline lightly with his thumb, like a thoughtful lover. My hand tightened on his arm, my fingers curling in the dark fabric as I held him there, not wanting him to stop this, even though I knew it was so horribly, awfully wrong

I tried to bring him tighter against myself, to get him closer, but he twisted my feathery appendage again, a now sweet pain that caused me to whimper into his arctic mouth. The Trickster pulled away, and chuckled softly in my ear, causing me to shiver, before he placed those maddening lips against my neck.

"It's time for you to wake up, little one."


I bolted upright and was out of the cot before I even opened my eyes. I tripped over another bed and sprawled out on the floor with a deafening metallic clang, my chest heaving. Jesus-fucking-banana-Christ. I lay there for a second, half sitting, half lying down, and picked myself up, wings spreading out to full span, and then I tucked them neatly so that they stayed on the outside of my shirt. I pulled my jeans up over my jutting hipbones, barely bothering to button and zip them before I darted out of my room, shoving past some S.H.I.E.L.D. lackeys who cursed me as they were left in my dust.

I skidded down the hallway, coming a millimeter away from slamming into the steel wall, turned a sharp corner, and raced to Loki's holding cell. The retinal scan took a nanosecond too long for me, but finally, the door slid opened and I went in. The God of Tricks sat on the single bench in the room, his lids closed, but a smile slid onto his face.

"Ah…so you decided to grace me with your presence." His eyes opened, twin balls of frozen flames looking me over, taking in the disheveled hair, the messed up clothes. "Did you enjoy your sweet slumber? Have any interesting dreams…little one?" I stiffened, my hands clasping tightly at my sides.

"How the hell did you do that? How did you get in my head?" I demanded, my voice hushed and raw. I didn't want him to know my fear, but knowing my luck he already did.

"Poor, scared little girl. Her mind invaded, her soul bared…" A soft, quiet voice eased its way into my thoughts, and I flinched back, shocked. Loki was up now, and in the blink of an eye he was bracing his forearms against the glass, his gaze boring holes into me, into my head.

"When I am freed, little one, I will find you. There will be no corner in which you can hide from me, and if you do, I will take you. Slowly. Terribly. You will beg for the sweet torment, and I will make you love every…single… second of it. And your little companions? Your miniscule team? They will never be able to save you."

Everything seemed to freeze up inside me as dread and sheer, pure terror spread through my veins like crystals of ice, and I slowly became aware that my wings had expanded, reaching full span with me even realizing. This was like some horrible version of an archangel facing off with Lucifer.

"And what makes you think you'll get free?" I said, my voice quavering. Loki grinned, his impossibly white teeth bared.

"You'll see, little one."


There you go. Burn me at the stake if you don't like it, but I feel a little proud of writing it. And what made me laugh so fucking hard while writing this was the fact that S&M by Rihanna came on while I was rereading it. DAFUQ COMPUTER.



I'm at the point of sleep deprivation where I am hallucinating...or not. I can't tell. I basically spent all night looking up Avengers crap and watching Avengers :Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Netflix.

Unfortunately, I'm being a lazy bitch and not writing like I should, or being productive at all.. (Well, if you call writing fanfiction at three in the morning being productive...)
And well...I'm embarrassing myself by dancing to a number of random ass songs on my Kindle, and I think it's all because I wish I could get into a dance club and shake my ass like a six dollar hooker with three teeth. 

Angel's Alive, I love being out of school. damn.
Became bored, decided to do this, pick twelve characters and whatnot. Took me like an hour to decide the order, because I love everyone on this list.
1. Loki Laufeyson (Thor, The Avengers)
2. Dr. Jonathon Crane/ Scarecrow (Batman Begins)
3. Castiel (Supernatural)
4. Crowley (Supernatural)
5. The Riddler (Batman comics)
6. Tyler Durden (Fight Club)
7. The Accountant (Drive Angry)
8. Sherlock Holmes (Really?)
9. The Joker (The Dark Knight)
10. Carl Kolchak (New Nightstalker)
11. The Punisher (Again? Come on...)
12. The Fabulous Tony Stark (Iron Man)

1) What would #12 and #1 be like in a relationship?
Lots of destruction. And sexy times. And very destructive sexy times.

2) If #6 and #3 were to have an affair, who would top?
WHAT...... Totally has to be Tyler Durden, you don't even have a chance, Cas.

3) #2 and #10. Totally crack or totally canon?

4) Is #4 het or slash better?
I'm so torn. If it's with Dean or Crowley, TOTALLY SLASH.

5) Have you ever read fanfiction of #5 and #11?
Uh no. But now I want to.

6) Why was #6 afraid of #7? Because #7 is after #8 and #9!
Tyler Durden was afraid of The Accountant because he was after Sherlock Holmes and The Joker.

7) If #8 was to cosplay, what would they be?

8) How many beers would #1 have to chug to have a go at #12?
Fifty. At least. But now I want to look up Tony/drunk Loki.

9) Would #3 make a good couple with #6? Or a better couple with #2?
Castiel and Tyler Durden or Castiel and Dr. Jonathon Crane?
Please God give me Castiel/Crane.

10) #6 and #7 have to go on a fishing trip together. Would they end up getting "distracted" halfway through?
The Accountant would drown Tyler. (And why the hell would Tyler go fishing?)

11) Pick a Disney film to represent #10 and #2.

12) If #3 and #11 are doing S & M, who's the sadist?
Castiel and The Punisher? Do I even have to say?

13) Pick a song to describe a #7#/12 fic.
I Hate You by Sick Puppies. Or something just....just awful.

14) Is there any evidence for #4/#2?

15) How hot would #7/#3 be?
Terrifyingly hot. Devil's right hand man and an angel? 693,487,584. out of 2.

16) If #7 walked in on #2 and #8 performing, shall we say, "interesting" activities, what would their reaction be?
"I'll have to add you both to the a little while..."

17) What's #1's secret kink?
Pain. He would totally be the sadist. I've already written something about that anyway...;D

18) How about #6?

19) Or perhaps #10?
Oh God...I don't even wanna know.

20) What title would you assign a #1/#3/#5 threesome?
Tricking the Angel

21) How about #2/#4/#6?
Let Me Clear Your Head XDDDD

22) Or even #7/#8/#9?
Good God What I Don't Even

23) So. #1 has a relationship with #6, but secretly wants #2. #6 knows this, and breaks up with #1 to go pursue #3, who loves #11. #11 is with #10, however, who's cheating on #11 with #8. #8 finds out, and cheats with #7, who is, in turn, cheating on #4. #1 pursues #2, who just broke up with #5, who's now after #9. #1 gives up on this, and ends up with #12, while #6 finally ends up with #3.

Okay then...
Loki has a relationship with Tyler Durden, but secretly wants Scarecrow. Tyler knows this and breaks up with Loki to go pursue Castiel, who loves The Punisher. The Punisher is with Carl Kolchak, however, who's cheating on The Punisher with Sherlock Holmes. Holmes finds out and cheats with The Accountant, who is, in turn, cheating on Crowley. Loki pursues Scarecrow, who just broke up with The Riddler, who's now after The Joker. Loki gives up on this and ends up with Tony Stark, while Tyler ends up with Castiel.

24) Title a #6#/7 western fic. Yes, western. As in, cowboys, desperados, and such.
The Devilish Cowboys (SEE WHAT I DID THERE)

25) If #8/#1 became canon, how would you react?

26) If #2 and #9 became a couple, who would top?
Scarecrow/Joker= pretty doctor boy is Joker's bitch.

27) What if it was #3 and #9?
Castiel/Joker? DAFUQ MAN.

28) #4 and #9?
They'd get along smashingly though.

29) Do you know anyone who reads #9 slash?
Oh GOD yes.

30) Or #2 het?
Yes. Yes. yes. yesyesyesyesyesyesYESYESYES.

31) Write me a little ficcy for #5/#9.
The car's tires shrieked in protest against the wet road, the back of the van fishtailing dangerously before righting itself. The Riddler stuck his head out the window, gazing at the smoldering heap of rubble that had once been one of Gotham's most prestigious banks. Now it was just flames and dust. His companion grinned, his smile flashing brilliantly, horrifically red in a passing streetlight. He began to laugh wildly, loudly, and The Riddler just couldn't help but join in.

32) Write a possible summary for a fanfiction involving #2/#9/#7.
Dear God, please forgive me.

33) Quick. #3 and #7 are cosplaying. What as?
A devil (Castiel) and an angel (The Accountant). Complete with wings, halos, and horns. Can't forget the pitchfork either.

34) Have you ever seen Fanart of #11 and #12?
Never. EVER.

35) Who would be the most outraged because of the above questions?
Loki or Tony Stark.
Both: "I ENDED UP WITH WHO?!?!?"

Stolen from girl4edwards04
Had nothin' else to do.


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